Leaving Routine

Knowing how quickly the last few weeks of term seems to fly by, and also aware of the possibility that some tenants may be leaving early once exams have finished, you need to start planning early with each other how you are going to manage the leaving process.

The house must be completely vacated, and left as you found it, ready for the next group to move in, by the last day of the tenancy.

I strongly recommend you have a meeting with everyone NOW and have a plan for the major spring clean and rubbish removal before anyone goes and everyone can do their share. After that, a simple tidy up after your own daily mess for the last few weeks should keep things manageable for the last one out.

It’s a joint tenancy and the condition of the house at the Final Check Out is down to everyone regardless of what day you moved out.

If leaving early, it is as unreasonable to expect the last person left to tidy the whole house on your behalf as it is for them to leave it in a mess and have you all pick up a share of the cleaning bill. This is something you must sort out between yourselves.

Check Out Procedure

An earlier Pre Leaving Check Out Report, will give advice from the Inventory Clerks, NoLettingGo, ( who checked you in ) as to what they will be looking for at the Final Check Out. A copy of this, in pdf format, will be emailed to your lead tenant. 

NoLettingGo, will be doing the Final Check Out at the end of the tenancy. This can be done with the house empty or with the last persons to leave in attendance.

For the latter, that appointment would have be arranged directly with NoLettingGo, with as much notice as possible, but a minimum of one week, to

Wendy Robon-Yost on 07722 802103,

or gloucestershire@nolettinggo.co.uk

Shorter notice may be acceptable depending on agreement with NoLettingGo.

It follows that keys would be surrendered immediately after that final inspection and the house secured.

It will not be possible to do the check out inspection before the last day of the tenancy if any keys are outstanding to be returned ( since those tenants could return after the inspection, making it a pointless exercise. )

Ensure you know the situation with the keys if you are planning to be present at the Final Check Out, and therefore making an appointment, since if NoLettingGo turn up as arranged and are unable to do the inspection because all the keys are not accounted for, you will be charged a £50 call out fee.


Deposits will normally be returned within 14 days from the time the house is COMPLETELY VACANT or end date of the Tenancy Agreement, whichever is sooner. 

Deposits will be returned by cheque to the permanent address you gave at the start of the tenancy in the Tenancy Agreement unless advised in writing otherwise. Bank charges and administration charges will apply to stopped and re issued cheques if these details are out of date.

If damage or cleaning has been incurred at a property that may require a deduction from the deposit, delays may be experienced in returning the deposit through obtaining quotes for the repair work or waiting on a workman to complete the repairs and submit a bill that can be presented to the tenant to show how the  deduction was calculated.

Deposits will also not be returned until all the keys are returned, unless you wish to be charged for a replacement set of keys or new locks to be installed at the house and the cost deducted from your deposit.

We would also be entitled to assume that if keys are not returned the house is still occupied and charge rent accordingly.

Please also view the link provided to www.mydeposits.co.uk for further information.


It is also requested that out going tenants leave a list of any defects, particularly defects that are only really noticeable by a resident, so that any repairs may be dealt with before new tenants move in.


This needs need forward planning.

Food must be run down so there is no food left in the cupboards, fridges or freezers. That half packet of rice you think the next tenants may want – they don’t. Get rid of it.
You can’t defrost, or clean fridges, freezers or cupboards with food left in them.

The property was taken over with empty cupboards, empty bins and no rubbish and must be left the same way or you will be charged for rubbish removal.

A massive pile of rubbish dumped in the front yard at the last minute for the bin men to hopefully take, is not considered leaving it tidy. The Local Authorities enforce strict rules regarding what may or may not be collected from the roadside and in certain bins, and also a closed lid policy. If your rubbish isn’t collected for this reason and we have to arrange for it’s removal, you will be charged.

Any rubbish remaining at the house after your last waste collection day must be removed by yourselves before you leave. Either take it to the local recycling centre or take it home. If it’s left at the house at the end of the tenancy, even in the bins, a waste collection firm will be instructed to remove it immediately, and you will be charged.

It is also common that bins left out for rubbish collection which are not put away after the bin men have been (because there is no-one left at the property for example) go missing.
Replacement wheelie bins will be charged for.
The above scenarios are easily avoided with a bit of forethought.


Your keys are your personal responsibility until returned to the landlord.

You must return your keys to the office with a note on who it's from

either in person, in normal office hours,
or in a secure jiffy type envelope by recorded post with the correct postage *
or in person to the Inventory Clerks at the Final Check Out, if any tenants are present 

no later than the last day of your tenancy.

Missing or late keys will result in a charge for a new lock and suite of keys or extra rent on the room, or both.
Return keys immediately you have left or you’ll forget and be charged.


For further information please see below extracts from correspondence supplied by the University of Glos Accommodation Service which would appear to cover the subject for all tenants......

Please ensure that the following steps are followed in order to get your deposit returned as fully as possible. These apply even if you are staying in the same house next year:

1. The property must be left very clean and tidy.

This should include the following:

All carpets must be vacuumed, including the stairs and areas under beds and furniture.

Any stains on carpets, which were not reported to the Landlord when you moved in, should be removed.

Skirting boards and all other woodwork must be cleaned.

Cookers need to be thoroughly cleaned, as do sinks, baths and toilets etc.

Fridges and freezers should be cleared, defrosted, cleaned and left unplugged with the doors open.

Please pay particular attention to the communal areas because you will all be liable for any damages or cleaning in these areas.

2. The inventory must be checked with your landlord or their agent.

The owner should carry out two inspections.

The first when you are present so that they can advise you of any problems. However the final inspection, when the house is empty, is the most important as a claim would be decided upon at this stage. SO ENSURE THAT THE HOUSE IS LEFT SPOTLESS!

All damaged items must be repaired/replaced.

3. Read your gas and electricity meters before you leave.

The readings should then be given to your supplier. You will also need to inform your telephone company that you require a closing bill. Remember to give them a forwarding address that the closing bill can be sent to. Non-payment will result in blacklisting for future credit ratings. Utility suppliers (such as gas and electric) usually need a weeks notice that the property is being vacated.

4. All belongings must be removed from the property.

Do not leave any rubbish inside, or outside, of the house. This includes your collection of shopping trolleys, cones or road signs that you may have accumulated over the year! Owners can, and do, charge for the removal of these items.

5. All keys must be returned to the landlord. You may find that if you do not return them on time you will be charged. 

It is good practice for your deposit to be returned to you within one month, as long as there are not any damage claims or any other outstanding issues.

 We hope you have enjoyed your time at the house! "