Joining Routine

The start of the tenancy agreements, are scheduled to be a normal working weekday.

It is not normally possible to have staff available to move tenants in at evenings or weekends. This may be waived with appropriate notice and agreement.

It is also not necessary to move in on the very first day, week or even month of the start of tenancy agreement if that’s inconvenient.

The first tenant arrivals must complete an inventory of the property upon arrival before any keys are issued.

All tenants have agreed in the Tenancy Agreement that the first tenants may complete the inventory on behalf of the other housemates.

Inventories and property check ins are done between independent third party inventory clerks and the first tenant arrivals, not the landlord.

We currently use the nationwide and well respected inventory firm, NoLettingGo.

New tenants expecting to be the first arrivals should contact NoLettingGo to make an appointment to meet at the property and complete the inventory / check in process and get their keys.

Normally a minimum of 48 hrs notice is required, especially for an out of hours appointment.

NoLettingGo contact details are:

07722 802103        Wendy


Their website details, , are also on our links page.

Once the first tenant has completed the inventory, the other remaining tenants may move in at their convenience.

Inventory checks are not performed upon each separate tenant arrival, they are only done once at the very start with the first tenant arrival from the group and again at the very end of the tenancy as the last tenant of the group is leaving.

For the remaining tenants not arriving first, keys may ....

EITHER be left at the house with the earlier arrivals, however we need written instructions to do so from the tenant concerned and they must arrange for the key holding tenant to be at the property when they arrive to let them in.

OR we can send out keys to tenants so that they can let themselves in at their own convenience. If this option is required, tenants must ask for the keys to be posted at least one week in advance of their intended arrival to allow for the keys to get there in time. It also follows that an earlier tenant arrival must have completed the inventory.

Keys will not be issued if  any part of the relevant documentation,  deposit or inventory remains outstanding.

Given the above, it is common that tenants will arrive at their new accommodation and effectively have to find their own way around.

There is a “HouseBook” at the property containing full information such as contact details, emergency details and user manuals for the heating and other appliances.

Please note that we operate an empty cupboard policy for the start (and end) of the tenancy. This means no crockery, cutlery, pans or utensils are provided. Nor are small portable electrical items such as irons, microwaves, sandwich toasters and the like. ( We do provide the larger white goods such as cooker, washing machine, refridgerators and freezers. )

It is our practice that a landlord / tenant meeting be scheduled within a fortnight of the  tenancy starting to go over any issues and queries.

We are happy to attend to any reasonable requests the tenants may make after their settling in period.